Project Scope & Requirement Management

Manage project stakeholders and requirements to deliver satisfying solutions to the customer. Eighty percent of project failures can be traced back to the scope definition process – including poor stakeholder analysis and project sponsor management. Gathering requirements, managing scope, and meeting customer expectations are a major part of a project manager’s work. Learn how to achieve project success by mastering scope control. Keywords: project stakeholders, scope management, cost/benefit, work breakdown structure.

Course Benefit

  • Gain the tools, techniques and templates to manage project scope and requirements
  • Identify project stakeholders and involve them in documenting their product or process requirements
  • Get commitment on deliverables, schedules and resources
  • Manage changes to the project scope and define the ”known unknowns”
  • Gain early agreement on project scope to avoid scope creep—OR anticipate and manage risks
  • Achieve increased customer satisfaction with project deliverables and effective execution of projects

Who Should Attend?

  • Project and program managers, directors and sponsors, as well as PMO managers, team leaders and business analysts. Attendees should have formal basic project management training

What You Will Learn

  • Why scope management is critical to project success
  • Setting high-level business objectives; requirements; gathering techniques and constraints
  • Analyzing the expected cost/benefit to the organization and customer
  • User needs analysis for developing preliminary requirements
  • Project scope planning and verification
  • Developing the work breakdown structure
  • Converting requirements into product specs
  • Project scope control and change management
  • Project closure: gaining acceptance from the stakeholders and the customer

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